The Business Value of Social Media

Last week I was interviewed as ‘Architect in the Spotlight’ for the Journal of Enterprise Architecture about the Danish approach to enterprise architecture and emerging trends in enterprise architecture.  Here I mentioned social media platforms as a trend that enterprise architects should embrace and leverage – to create business value.

The Small Shift
In the Ministry of Finance we recently launched a blog and Twitter profile for Denmark’s Joint Cross Governmental Reference Models.  And the new blogging tools were not launched to jumping the IT fashion bandwagon..

We are using the new tools because we think the greatest economic value will come from finding ways to connecting people that work with reference models or taxonomies inside or outside government.  We use the new tools to get out of our comfort zone in the editorial boardroom and, hopefully, come up with creative new and innovative ways to use the reference models that generate more value with fewer resources in the interaction with our users.

This blog has been active since 2004.  It has been a great way for me to communicate my research to practitioners during the highs and lows of my PhD-studies, and these days it provides me an opportunity to participate in the global “conversation” about enterprise architecture.

Social media has opened up a new horizon for enterprise architects to share information and interact with a wider and larger community of users.  New tools like wikis, blogs, and microblogs facilitate user involvement, experience, and relationship management.

The power of pull is here to create business value for the enterprise architecture discipline!

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2 Responses to The Business Value of Social Media

  1. Kudos!

    Publishing news feeds online is one thing, but opening up for dialogue and hence potentially public critique is quite another. The boldness of the move is accentuated by the simultaneous launch of a blog and a Twitter account, media which must be kept alive throughout their existence with frequent posts or else suffer oblivion and bad will.

    A fellow blogger, I know the exact pains of constantly keeping the ball rolling and at times countering impolite comments with courteous replies. It takes dedication to go the distance and fresh, interesting topics to lure the audience in.

    Best of luck with this endeavour: I am subscriber :-)

    • khm says:

      Thank you, we are trying – and my team is very dedicated. The virtual worlds will change the way we do business in government, slowly… See also the this interesting article (in Danish) about the way we lead teams in a virtual world

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